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federal laws governing surrillance. section 215 of the patriot act. but also the constitution. which nobody has brought up. what authorizes the press to do what it does? the first amendment. and i've represented n.s.a. whistle blower thomas drake. he went through every proper internal channel. some of your other guests talked about that's what a real whisise blower should do. he did. not only did that not achieve anything, but the government turned around and prosecuted him for espionage. >> and we conclude with former new york governor elliott spitzer. >> just tell me personally what was what were the events that led up to that that cauaued you to hire prostitutes and to risk your... and to risk the job that you had worked so hard to get? from a personal point of view that led up to that. >> i don't think i can shed light on what motivations other than to acknowledge that we have within us all drives, urges which should be tempered, controlled, modulated, held in check. that i did not. i don't know if i can or should be more specific than that. that is what led to what was obviously
, but james comey also told his senate confirmation hearing he will work with congress on improving laws that govern surveillance. comey served in the justice department under president george w. bush. he said he argued strongly against extreme interrogations of terror suspects but was overruled. three young women who spent a decade imprisoned and tortured in a cleveland house have made their first public statements. the women escaped from the house and their kidnapper in early may. in an online video today, they thanked those who have given them emotional and financial support, and they asked for privacy. michelle knight, now 32, said she will not let her long ordeal define her life. >> i just want everyone to know i'm doing just fine. i may have been through hell and back but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face and with my head held high. >> sreenivasan: the accused kidnapper, ariel castro, is facing trial on 329 counts of kidnapping, rape and aggravated murder. on wall street today, the dow jones industrial average gained 75 points to close at 15,300. the n
? >> klaudale stanley: uh, i probably want to be a man of the law. >> bill moyers: and then, over the next 10 years, we returned to document the fortunes of the stanleys and neumanns. >> radio announcer: the nation's unemployment rate rose to 6.5% in february, the highest in four years. >> bill moyers: as the country went from recession to recovery -- >> radio announcer: on wall street, the dow stood at 10,006 -- >> bill moyers: to economic boom, both families would struggle to find their place in the new economy. >> terry neumann: then you need a business card to call mommy up. >> jackie stanl: fax it to me. >> tv announcer: years ago, if you wanted a small engine, you got a briggs and stratton. >> bill moyers: manufacturing firms like briggs and stratton made milwaukee, wisconsin, one of the great industrial cities of the heartland. for years, its assembly lines provided an abundance of jobs. >> jackie stanley: depending on which line you're on, by the time the motor gets to you, it's going to be heavy. you pull the gun and press down and you give it all you got, twist it back, hook it and
on this program. on my staff was o-- ec laws? white folk in one of the first names that comes for me is jackie joyner- kersee. what is in the water? >> i will take the company. my mom, my dad, my grandparents came from east st. louis. wasringing with the way it in the 1940's and 1930's and 1950's, a key round in 1952. my grandfather was mayor of east st. louis and commissioner -- police commissioner. good riddance. i loved it. i knew there was a time when i wanted to go. my mom taught me tennis and gave me an opportunity to play. tennis was not the real thing. if you were not playing baseball or basketball or football, you were on the outside. when i was 16 and was ready to go. tavis: i am just revenue. i am from the with -- the midwest. how you madeabout the shift to california at 16 years of age. i want to go back to where you started. that is with your mom. and your grandmother. in part because i do not know of any other tennis great who was as influenced by his mother and by his grandmother as opposed andre under agassi -- agassi's dad laid it on him so heavy to play, he'll most hated tenn
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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